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A sporting start for Palatinose[TM].

Following its approval in July under the EU Novel Foods Directive, Palatinose[TM] , the carbohydrate with sports-related characteristics such as prolonged energy release and low glycemic effect is now fully available. Palatinose[TM], a disaccharide with the generic name isomaltulose, is derived exclusively from beet sugar. As a natural ingredient, it is also found in honey and sugar cane.

Palatinose[TM] (glycemic index 32) is the only low glycemic carbohydrate that delivers a prolonged energy release in the form of glucose. It provides sportspeople in particular with optimal energy intake and recovery and may also be beneficial for mental performance. It has the same calorie content as sugar but consumers can also enjoy the nutritional characteristics attributed to low glycemic carbohydrates. These include their fat burning ability, reduction of binge eating and help in controlling and managing weight. Palatinose[TM] is also toothfriendly.

As well as exceptional nutritional benefits, Palatinose[TM] also delivers very good sensory characteristics including natural, mild sweetness that closely resembles sugar, no after-taste and the ability to mask the taste and smell of other functional ingredients. Palatinose[TM] is an excellent substitute for sucrose, fructose and other highly digestible carbohydrates in most foods and beverages, and is especially suitable in the development of innovative drinks concepts.

Palatinose[TM] is particularly acid-stable in beverages and suited for use in aqueous solutions with high Brix. It is non-hygroscopic, making it an ideal ingredient in instant drinks, which do not lump and remain dispersible with very good solubility. In dairy products, too, Palatinose[TM] can be used as a carbohydrate because it is resistant to fermentation by the surrounding microbes and lactobacilli. Stored dry and at moderate temperature, Palatinoser[TM] has a shelf life comparable to that of sucrose.

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