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A space syntax analysis of Arroyo Hondo Pueblo, New Mexico; community formation in the northern Rio Grande.


A space syntax analysis of Arroyo Hondo Pueblo, New Mexico; community formation in the northern Rio Grande.

Shapiro, Jason S.

School of American Research Pr


178 pages



Arroyo Hondo archaeological series


Shapiro takes the innovative approach of exploring a site as if it were an artifact, assuming that built space indicates social organization. In the case of this fourteenth-century site, the architecture, and most important, the changes in architecture revealed how people lived and how their lives changed over time in terms of where they spent time in social groups, where and how they worked, how they prepared and stored food, and how the buildings were used in agriculture. Shapiro's analysis shows that as time went on families and individuals sought greater privacy, a situation that also has become evident in nearby developments and even in modern times. The narrative is accompanied by photographs and very interesting illustrations of the changes Shapiro observed.

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