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A smart Investment for banks and bankers. (ABN-MN).

The only educational institution of its kind, the ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management has established an industry-wide reputation for excellence. Our comprehensive two-year program helps bankers:

* Get a firm grasp of critical marketing principles, management practices and current trends

* Learn from top marketing experts, leading bank professionals and highly experienced teachers

* Network with colleagues and make valuable contacts that will continue long after the school ends.

"I was amazed at the amount of information I was able to bring back to my bank. The knowledge I gained from sales culture, pricing and profitability, and asset/liability classes are making my job as regional sales manager a lot easier."

Jeffrey A. Shular, Vice President and Regional Sales Manager, U.S. Bancorp, Beaverton, Oregon

A Better Bottom Line

A smart investment for all financial institutions and their marketing partners, the ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management offers valuable, long-term benefits such as:

* Keeping your marketing efforts fresh, cutting-edge and profitable

* Rewarding and encouraging valued employees

* Increasing your institution's visibility and contacts among banking professionals nationwide

* Keeping your staff up to date on the latest industry trends and techniques.

"The networking and cutting-edge curriculum, that covers what's hot and what's changing in the industry, make the school a great and lasting experience.

Wayne T. Miyao, Sr. Vice President arid Marketing Director, CB Bancshare, Inc., Honolulu, Hawaii

New Career Power

The ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management benefits bankers from a wide range of professional backgrounds, especially:

* Beginning bankers who need a solid grounding in marketing and management

* Marketing directors and staff who want to stay current and increase their expertise

* Training specialists, database marketers, product managers and others who want to develop an in-depth understanding of marketing and management.

The Best of Everything

The first choice of bankers and financial institutions everywhere, the ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management offers a top-flight education in a dynamic, accessible environment that encourages problem-solving, intellectual exploration and creativity:

* Top instructors and updated programs

* Small classes that encourage learning

* Intensive week-long curriculum during both years of the program

* Year-round guidance from your personal advisor

* Innovative curriculum and learning methods

* Social and networking events.

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The mission of the ABA Schools is to be the unrivaled leader and an indispensable source of training and education services by:

* Providing the highest standards of knowledge on a full range of financial products and services

* Providing the skills for professionals to promote financial products and services to their customers

* Empowering financial services professionals with the knowledge and competency to compete as the leading providers of financial services

* Encouraging competition and professionalism in the financial services industry

* Successfully delivering a high-quality educational experience.

Course Descriptions

Year I: The Basics

Developing a Market-Driven Organization

Marketing Planning

Marketing Research

Product Management and Strategy

Asset/Liability Management


Client Satisfaction

Database Marketing

Customer and Product Profitability

Marketing Ethics

Marketing Alternative Investment Products

Sales Development

Business Writing

Small Business Marketing

Internet Banking

Year II: Increased Expertise

Refraining Our Minds

Developing a Competitive Advantage

Asset/Liability Management II

Commercial Business Development

Pricing to Profit

Target Marketing

Sales Management


Advanced Database Marketing

BankExec: State-of-the-Art Learning


The American Bankers Association reaffirms its standing policy of non-discrimination in employment and in all programs and activities with respect to race, creed, color, sex, religion, disability or national origin. In addition, the ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management operates on the basic principle of respectful treatment for all persons and, accordingly, is firmly committed to ensuring a harassment-free, positive learning environment for all its students.

Dr. James H. Donnelly Jr.

ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management Academic Dean and Faculty Member

Dear Fellow Marketer,

For over half a century, the ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management has provided the expertise that's powered many of our nation's banks, while giving over 5,000 individuals a boost on rewarding careers. Today, students come to us from all over the globe, drawn by the in-depth education in all areas of financial marketing and management.

Whether you're an experienced banker or new to the profession, you're sure to find the know-how you need at the ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management. Our curriculum covers the fundamentals, as well as special interest areas. You'll learn from leading experts in classes that simulate real-life work situations.

Whether it's managing a call center, responding to new market trends, or selling financial products on the Internet, a successful banker's education never stops. And the best place to continue your learning is with the undisputed leader. I'm proud to say that's the ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management.

I look forward to meeting you in Boulder in June.


James H. Donnelly Jr.
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