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A singles.

Last year's B champ, Arnold Lee, didn't miss a beat when he stepped up to win the A singles this year.

And, like last year, Lance Sexton suffered an injury-default loss in the A final.

Lee's semifinal victory over Sal Coticelli sealed the title when Sexton hurt his knee in his semifinal win over Luis Quinones.

Disappointed, Lee would have rather played but is a worthy A champ just the same.

First round: Robert Goffner (Forest Hills, N.Y.) d. Jeanpierre Garcia (Elmhurst, N.Y.) 4, 4.

Quarters: Lance Sexton (New York) d. Goffner 11,3; Luis Quinones (Brooklyn, N.Y.) d. Jason Carter (Howell, N.J.) 3, 4; Sal Coticelli (Staten Island, N.Y.) d. Amit Sarker (New York) 6, 9; Arnold Lee (Oakland Gardens, N.Y.), def.

Semis: Sexton d. Quinones 6, 12; Lee d. Coticelli 12, 3.

Final: Lee d. Sexton, def.

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Date:Nov 1, 2019
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