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A shot of sugar.

Premium coffee and tea purveyors are finally able to solve an annoying problem for millions of iced tea & coffee drinkers--granulated sugar doesn't dissolve or sweeten effectively.

Not only a new product, Sugarshots is the first in an entirely new category--liquid cane sugar. Sugarshots products are specifically formulated to sweeten premium coffees and teas, a market worth about $1 billion annually. The liquid form of Sugarshots allows it to dissolve instantly, sweeten uniformly and offer a true sugar taste with fewer calories than granulated sugar products. With the availability of Sugarshots "White" and "Turbinado" in 8ml single serve cups, the company is offering a liquid alternative to packets of granulated white table sugar and "raw" cane sugars that don't dissolve effectively in iced drinks or frothy beverages like lattes and cappuccinos.

* Sugarshots White is a liquid cane sugar that offers a clean, sweet taste and can be substituted for granulated "white" sugar in any beverage.

* Sugarshots Turbinado is hearty and rich with a strong molasses flavor retained from the first pressing of sugar cane, "Turbinado" is an industry term for "raw" cane sugar and Sugarshots Turbinado is a liquid alternative to granulated "raw" sugar.

Sugarshots products are also available in 12.5-ounce sugar wells for retail sales and 64-ounce refill sizes for use with their countertop pump systems.

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Title Annotation:Sugarshots liqued cane sugar; Products Showcase
Publication:Tea & Coffee Trade Journal
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Date:Oct 20, 2003
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