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A shame nobody takes any notice, say residents.

RESIDENTS in one area which already has a 20mph zone say it is a good idea but they wonder how effective they are.

We spoke to people in Linthorpe, where a 20mph zone already exists outside Linthorpe Community Primary School on Roman Road.

Mum-of-four Clare Banks, 36, of Dresser Lane, said: "I don't usually drive here, I normally walk."

Asked if she thought 20mph zones work, she replied: "No, nobody takes a blind bit of notice. You see cars flying down here.

"It is a good idea but it is a shame nobody takes any notice.

"It think it should be more enforced. It is a matter of time before a kid gets knocked over."

Mother-of-two Elizabeth Metcalfe, 30, of Hambledon Road, said: "I don't think people slow down. I have seen cars still go fast over that speed bump.

"I think they are a very good idea but I don't think people stick to it even with speed bumps."

Alan Stevenson, 58, a carpet estimator, of Lambeth Road, said: "The idea is good, especially near schools.

"I don't think it works as well as it should. It works probably 50% of the time."

Asked if she thought the 20mph zone was effective near Linthorpe Community Primary, mum-of-four Jacqueline Lynch said: "It depends if they are late for school or not.

"Some people spend their lives being late."

Indicating passing traffic, Mrs Lynch, 44, of Burlam Road, said: "How many people have you seen doing 20mph?"


DOUBTS: Alan Stevenson, above, and mum-offour Clare Banks, left, praised the idea but said the 20mph limit in Linthorpe was often ignored. Clare said there should be more enforcement Pictures by IAN McINTYRE
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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Apr 23, 2012
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