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A serving of bangers and crash.

TWISTED METAL (18+) PlayStation 3 Out Friday CARS are pretty cool, right? Well, you know what makes cars cooler? Guns. And missiles. And even more guns.

Much like its predecessors, Twisted Metal straps you into the driver's seat in an array of heavily armed vehicles, ranging from police cars and Cadillacs to hearses and ice cream trucks. Then it enters you into the most destructive demolition derby.

The single-player part finds you battling through three chapters of the diabolical Calypso's titular tournament in a variety of suitably twisted environments.

Master the complicated control scheme and you will gain access to an arsenal of interesting weaponry that provides no end of lethal ways to lay waste to your competition.

Twisted Metal certainly offers an intricate racing death-match experience like no other.

Naturally, there's also a suite of competitive online modes offering a fresh challenge - or just fresh meat.

And if you can get your head (and hands) around the idiosyncratic controls, it'll bring hours of explosive fun.



Race of death... Twisted Metal
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 11, 2012
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