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A separate building for spa, gym, and sauna.

A separate building for spa, gym, and sauna

A garage-size building next to Carlene and David Arz's house contains their own mini health club.

A 9- by 14-foot spa dominates the main room of the 16- by 24-foot structure. At one end, the spa has a pair of powerful jets to swim against; at the other is a U-shaped bench. It was designed and built by Marvin Johnson of Wishing Well Spa in Puyallup, Washington.

In the main room, exercise equipment is stationed around the water; separate doors open into a sauna and a bathroom. Double-glazed skylights and sliding glass doors help reduce condensation, but the walls are not insulated so the room "breathes' and avoids moisture damage from the humid air.

Photo: Lapped siding and trim blend spa building with house

Photo: Long spa stretches out beneath skylights in cedar-lined cabana
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Date:Sep 1, 1986
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