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A selected bibliography.

In the last few years, the proliferation of limited liability companies (LLCs) and limited liability partnerships (LLPs) has generated a myriad of related publications, articles and other resources. The following is a list of materials that CPAs may find useful when doing research in this area.


Journal of Limited Liability Companies Quarterly Warren, Gorham & Lamont

Subscription Software

CCH Tax Assistant for Limited Liability Companies Updated at least quarterly 1-800-344-3734


Limited, Liability Company Reporter Bimontly Business Entity Press 1-800-682-7318

Limited Liability Entities Bimontly Data Trace Publishing Company 1-800-342-0454

Limited Liability Companies Advisor Monthly CCH 1-800-344-3734

Pass-through Taxation Bimonthly Warren, Gorham & Lamont 1-800-950-1210


Taxation of Limited Liability Companies David J. Cartano

Guide to Limited Liability Companies (4 vols.) Michael E. Mares and Stephen E. Pascarella, II Practitioners Publishing Co., 1996 and supp. 1-800-323-8724

Limited Liability Companies: Tax and Business Law Carter G. Bishop and Daniel S. Kleinberger Warren, Gorham & Lamont, 1994 and supp. 1-800-950-1210

Bromberg and Ribstein on Limited Liability Partnerships and the Revised Uniform Partnership Act Alan R. Bromberg and Larry E. Ribstein Aspen Law and Business Publishers, 1996 1-800-447-1717

Limited Lability Companies: Formation, Operation and Conversion Edited by Robert W. Wood John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1994 and supp. 1-800-594-5396

Limited Liability Company & Partnership Answer Book Alson R. Martin Aspen Law & Business Publishers, 1996 1-800-447-1717

State Limited Liability Company Laws Edited by Michael A. Bamberger & Arthur J. Jacobson Aspen Law & Business Publishers, 1993 and supp. 1-800-447-1717

Limited Liability Company Handbook: Law, Sample Documents, Forms Mark A. Sargent and Walter D. Schwidetzky Clark Boardham Callaghan (West Group), 1992 and supp. 1-800-323-1336

Ribstein & Keatinge on Limited Liability, Companies (5 vols.) Larry E. Ribstein and Robert R. Keatinge Clark Boardman Callaghan (West Group), 1992 and supp. 1-800-323-1336

Limited Liability, Companies: Law, Practice, & Forms (4 vols.) Jeffrey C. Rubenstein, Lawrence H. Brenman and Nicholas G. Karambelas Clark Boardman Callaghan (West Group), 1994 and supp. 1-800-323-1336

Schorr on New York Limited Liability Companies & Partnerships Brian L. Schorr Clark Boardman Callaghan (West Group), 1994 and supp. 1-800-323-1336

State Tax Treatment of LLCs Francis X. Mellon RIA (STT95), 1995 and supp. 1-800-431-9025

Limited Lability Companies Francis X. Mellon RIA (LLC95), 1995 and supp. 1-800-431-9025

Starting a Limited Liability, Company Martin M. Shenkman, Samuel Weiner and Ivan Taback John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1996 1-800-594-5396

The Limited Lability Company: The Better Alternative William D. Bagley and Philip P. Whynott Pioneer Printing, 1992 1-800-282-4552

The Limited Liability Company William D. Bagley and Philip P. Whynott James Publishing Company, 1994 and supp. 1-800-440-4780

The Essential Limited Lability, Company Handbook Lisa A. Alber Oasis Press/PSI Research through the Edward Lowe Foundation, 1995 1-800-357-5693

Form Your Own Limited Liability, Company Anthony Mancuso Nolo Press, 1996 1-800-992-6656

Limited Liability Companies Guide: Planning and Compliance for Today's Practitioner James C. Thomas and John C. Morgan Harcourt Brace Professional Publishing, 1995 1-800-831-7799

Choosing the Right Business Entity William R. Bischoff Harcourt Brace Professional Publishing, 1996 1-800-831-7799

How to Form and Operate a Limited Liability Company: A do-it-yourself guide Gregory C. Damman Self-Counsel Press through the Edward Lowe Foundation, 1995 1-800-357-5693

Choosing a Business Entity in the 1990s Coopers & Lybrand "Choice of Entity" National Tax Services 1800 M Street, N.W Washington, D.C. 20077-5984

How to Profit by Forming Your Own Limited Liability Company Scott E. Friedrnm Upstart Publishing, 1996 1-800-727-1766

Forming and Using Limited Liability Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (3 vols.) Numerous Authors Practising Law Institute, 1996 and supp. 1-800-260-4754

Tax Planning for Corporate Joint Ventures, Partnerships and Other Strategic Alliances (3 vols.) Numerous Authors Practising Law Institute, 1996 and supp.

Guide to Limited Liability, Companies CCH (3d ed.), 1996 1-800-344-3734

What You Ought to Know, About Limited Liability Companies (Booklet) CCH, 1996 1-800-344-3734

Limited Liability, Companies Reporter J. Marc Ward CCH, 1993 and supp. 1-800-344-3734

Limited Liability Partnerships and Limited Liability Limited Partnerships (Treatise) J. William Callison

Shepard's/McGraw Hill, 1995 1-800-525-2474

Formation, Operation and Taxation of Limited Liability Companies J. William Callison West Publishing Co., 1995 1-800-328-9352

Partnership and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs): Uniform Acts, Taxation, Drafting, Securities, and Bankruptcy (2 vols.) ALI-ABA, 1994 and supp. 1-800-253-6397 (ext. 1650)

Partnership and LLC Litigation Manual: Actions for Accounting and Other Remedies James R. Burkhard ALI-ABA, 1995 and supp. 1-800-253-6397 (ext. 1650)

Basics of LLCs and LLPs: A Walk-Through Stuart Levine, Catherine B. Mabry and Marshall B. Paul MICPEL, 1996 1-800-787-0068

Limited Liability Entity Institute (Third Annual) Michael P. Donnelly, et al. MICPEL, 1996 1-800-787-0068

Continuing Professional Education

Limited Liability Companies Francis X. Mehon RIA (VPLLC), 1995

Practice Management -- Limited Liability Companies Cindy Seipel West Publishing Co., June 1995 1-800-937-8273

The Limited Liability Company Leslie S. Patrick Center for Continuing Education, March 1996, 1-800-443-6353

Limited Liability, Companies: Explanation and Analysis Maurice M. Cashin CCH (2d ed.), October 1995 1-800-344-3734

Pass-Through Entities Income Tax Refresher Course: Preparing Returns for LLCs, Partnerships and S Corporations Sidney Kess and Barbara Weltman CCH, November 1996 1-800-344-3734

Choice of Business Entity: More Options for New and Operating Businesses ALI-ABA, February 1995 1-800-253-6397 (ext. 1650)

Choice of Entity for Professional Practices: Tax Considerations ALI-ABA, Spring 1994 1-800-253-6397 (ext. 1650)

Planning and Using Limited Liability Vehicles: Limited Liability Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, and Limited Liability Limited Partnerships ALI-ABA, March 1996 1-800-253-6397 (ext. 1650)

LLC Revolution: LLCs versus S Corporations Brent A. Armstrong Hamilton Square Press, 1995 1-800-394-6275

The New Limited Liability Entities -- LLCs and LLPs Sharon L. Hawke MicroMash, 1996 1-800-272-7277

Best Articles by Category

* General overview/history

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* Entity classification

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Wirtz, Francis J. and Harris, Kenneth L., "Assessing the Long-Awaited LLC Classification Guidelines," Taxes, February 1995, pp. 51-62

* Comparison with other entities

Altieri, Mark P., "Considerations in Determining Whether to Elect S Corporation or LLC Status," The Tax Adviser, September 1996, pp. 547-553

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Hamm, Richard A. and Sklar, Bradley J., "The Limited Liability Company: A New Type of Borrowing Entity," Journal of Commercial Lending, March 1994, pp. 14-23

Melcher, Peter J., "Estate Planning Advantages of LLCs Over S Corporations," Taxes, March 1995, pp. 14-23

Miller, Carol J. and Bunn, Radie, "Limited Liability Companies: "The Best of Both Worlds," The National Public Accountant, February 1995, pp. 36-47

Parker, R. L., "Corporate Benefits Without Corporate Taxation: Limited Liability Company and Limited Partnership Solutions to the Choice of Entity Dilemma," San Diego Law Review, Summer 1992, pp. 399-496

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Zeidman, David S., "Workout or Bankruptcy's Effects Depend on Entity," Taxation for Accountants, July 1995, pp. 38-47

* Election parameters

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* Conversion

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"No Termination or Gain on Change of Partnership to LLC," The Journal of Taxation, March 1994, pp. 162-163

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* Resolving particular issues

Baptiste, Phillip J. and Moore, Tracy J., "Negative Aspects to Using LLCs for Operating Companies," The Tax Adviser, August 1996, pp. 472-473

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* Accounting method

"LLC Rulings Put Gloss on Tax Status, Accounting Method Issues," The Journal of Taxation, May 1996, pp. 316-319

Baptiste, Phillip J., "LLCs and the Cash Method of Accounting," The Tax Adviser, August 1995 pp. 467-468

McKoy, L.W., "IRS Addresses LLC Issues in Delaware Statute and Cash-Basis Accounting," The Tax Adviser, August 1993, pp. 509-510

* Self-employment tax issues

Becourtney, Neil, "Federal Payroll Rules: One Reason Not to Form an LLC," The CPA Journal, February 1995, pp. 196-199

Levine, Stuart and Paul, Marshall B., "Prop. Regs. Use `Management Rights, Litmus Test for LLC Members' SE Tax Liability," The Journal of Taxation, April 1995, pp. 196-199

Sider, William E., "Self-Employment Tax Rules May Exclude Some LLC Members," Taxation for Accountants, March 1995, pp. 132-136

Sturni, Michael A. and Sprohge, Hans, "Proposed Regulation Classifies LLC Members for Self-Employment Tax Purposes," The Tax Adviser, September 1995, pp. 545-548

* State tax issues

Boucher, Karen J., "State Tax Implications Uncertain for Corporate LLC Members," The Tax Adviser, November 1995, pp. 671-672

Pischak, Kathryn A., "State Tax Issues Complicate the Decision to Do Business as a Limited Liability Company," The Journal of Taxation, August 1995, pp. 76-80

* Interest as security/investment

Garrison, Michael J. and Knoepfle, Terry W, "Limited Liability Company Interests as Securities: A Proposed Framework for Analysis," American Business Law Journal, Summer 1996, pp. 577-644

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* Miscellaneous

Landau, Zev, "Limited Liability Companies and Liquidation of Subsidiaries," The CPA Journal, March 1995, pp. 59-60

Reibman, Richard T. and Rappaport, Bret, "Limited Liability Companies and the Bankruptcy Code," Taxes, October 1996, pp. 617-620

Reynolds, Clayton S., "Treatment of Recourse Liabilities in the Context of a Limited Liability Company," Taxes, June 1996, pp. 397-403
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