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A search gone cold; SOAPS & FILMS Kelly-Marie tries everything to find her son, but does she go too far?



SEARCH... Lenny and Kelly-Marie join forces in the search for Callum, but can they find him before it's all too late? The search for Callum has taken over Kelly-Marie's life in Shieldinch, as the lack of news about him increases her fears that he is dead. And when the police make the decision to hide the abduction from the public, she is concerned that the trail has gone cold.

Given her fragile state, she's easily convinced by a journalist that his newspaper can help where the police are failing, and she ignores police advice and speaks out about Callum. Will and DCI Donald are infuriated by the interview, fearing that it could spook the kidnappers into harming Callum, but she disagrees and is entirely unrepentant.

Soon afterwards there's a possible sighting of the youngster, and police search an abandoned flat, finding drugs, hair clippers and blood-stained clothes, but no Cal. After they confirm that the blood is indeed his, Kelly-Marie is overcome with guilt, wondering whether her press appeal is responsible for what has happened. And River City BBC1 desperate for answers, the frantic mother turns to Lenny for help.

When he confesses that there has been another ransom demand, it's the opportunity she has been waiting for and, unbeknownst to police, they join forces and head off with the ransom money to meet one of the kidnappers. What follows though is a dramatic showdown, with repercussions for the family which could very well tear them apart.

Elsewhere in the town, Gina is having second thoughts about marrying Greg, worried that with the situation regarding Callum, the timing is all wrong. But eventually she is persuaded to seize the day and go ahead with it by the eternally optimistic Liz.

BLAZING ROWS IN THE STREET Coronation Street STV Ambushed in the Rovers by their respective largerthan-life partners, Eileen and Mandy, any fool could see that Paul and Lloyd would never be friends.

While Paul apologised to Lloyd and they shook hands, both men probably had their fingers crossed behind their backs. For beneath this uneasy truce, the embers of resentment still smoulder for Lloyd, and there are a series of blazing rows with firefighter Paul.

Sophie has already inflamed the situation in Dev's corner shop by asking, "Who do you want to serve you? The Asian or the lesbian?" And she can't resist making another snide remark at Paul, predictably making him explode.

So it's no surprise that someone as feisty as Sophie's mum Sally can drag herself away from flirting with Tim long enough to clash with Eileen and Paul in the Rovers.

A GHOST FROM THE PAST SHOWS UP EastEnders BBC1 Sentenced to 13 years behind bars for sexually abusing his stepdaughter Whitney, we may have thought we'd heard the last from paedophile Tony King. But on Thursday, "a weird bloke" called Pogo turns up in Albert Square.

Recently released, he's the former cellmate of Tony and he's got some royal mail. "Cos he's the King and you're the princess," Pogo explains to Whit. "I've got a letter for you, special delivery."

In exchange for a can of lager, he hands it over. "Dearest Whit," the message reads. "I always loved you. T x." Quite why this story should be revisited now is curious but it could be seen as this soap trying to revive its fortunes by looking back towards its glory days.

Having apparently come to terms with being abused by King, Whitney makes the surprising decision to visit him. When Bianca finds out, she is outraged that Whit could go to see the man who nearly destroyed the family.

PARTY DISASTER Hollyoaks Channel 4 Nervous Maxine gets horribly drunk while helping Patrick at his fundraising event. Ever the control freak, he is mortified when Maxine proposes a toast to him in front of local dignitaries. And the situation gets even more awkward when Myra falls off her chair and plunges straight into the buffet table sending food flying! Oops.

Meanwhile, Ash is stunned by a shocking revelation but will she admit to her secret, and can Will forgive her? STRESSFUL TIMES Neighbours Channel 5 Lovebirds Lucas and Vanessa finally set a date to get hitched, but Lucas realises that his bank balance might not stretch to the big white wedding she is dreaming of.

Despite only just undergone radiotherapy, he is determined to keep her happy, and heads back to the garage in order to earn some extra pennies. Sadly, Lucas collapses. But just how serious is it for him? REDECORATING Home and Away Channel 5 Still suffering from memory loss, Tamara is uncomfortable around Casey and instead has developed strong feelings for Kyle. While helping him redecorate Leah's house, Tamara realises she is more at ease there than at the flat. In the middle of the night she wakes up and tells Kyle how she feels and they end up kissing. What will Casey say? Meanwhile, with Brax awakened from his coma, he admits that he loves Ricky.

Emmerdale STV Gennie's getaway ends in disaster One week kind-hearted Gennie is ensuring that her cancer-stricken mum Brenda enjoys the poignant handfasting service with Bob before she dies And the next, she is left fighting for her own life after a car crash.

But then, it is probably this never-ending run of excellent stories that makes it the best soap on TV at the moment.

At the centre of that success for more than a year has been the love triangle of Debbie, Cameron and Chas, involving two murders and a variety of twists and turns.

Ironically, after being the first person to discover her sister Chas was having an affair with niece Debbie's lover Cameron, Gennie now suspects that Debs and Cameron are having a secret affair behind Chas's back.

That in itself is another brilliant twist to the whole saga, but there is much more excitement. When Gennie is unable to convince Chas, she seeks hard evidence.

Armed with a dictaphone, she sneaks into Debbie's house. Unfortunately for nosey Gennie, she overhears - and records - a shocking confession from Cameron as he tries to convince Debbie that it's her he wants to be with and not Chas.

When Debbie and Cameron realise that Gennie has heard it all, and there's a car chase as they try to get to her, Gennie loses control and hurtles off the road into a ravine.

Will Debbie and Cameron help her or will she be left for dead? Don't miss it.


CLASH... Eileen, Paul and Sophie

LETTER... Pogo andWhit

A TOAST... Maxine


TOGETHER... Tamara and Kyle
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