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A safer yeast infection product.

TARRYTOWN, N.Y. -- The "rules" of pregnancy have changed dramatically over time, which leaves soon-to-be moms having to decode the latest news and advice to determine how to best manage their health, according to a new "Health Below the Bump" survey commissioned by Monistat.

The national survey of 2,000 American women who have been or are currently pregnant found that 84% doubted the health choices they made during pregnancy, despite many making modifications such as changing what they ate (49%), what household cleaning supplies they used (27%) and which skin care products they used (22%). Doubts likely stemmed from the plethora of information available and advice constantly shifting. In fact, more than one-third (36%) of respondents feel that there's an overabundance of information shared during pregnancy.

One health decision that many pregnant women had to face was how to treat a yeast infection, which is as much as 10 times more likely to occur during pregnancy. Shockingly, the survey revealed that 54% of women were not aware that there was a potential health risk when taking the leading prescription pill (fluconazole) to treat yeast infections during pregnancy and nearly half of these women actually took the pill to treat their yeast infections while pregnant. According to 2019 Canadian study, women who take any dose of fluconazole during pregnancy are at an increased risk of miscarriage, and there may be a link between high levels of fluconazole and increased risk of heart defects in the fetus in the first trimester.

"With the concerns associated with fluconazole during pregnancy, I recommend Monistat 7 Day for vaginal yeast infections in pregnant women," said Dr. Alyssa Dweck, an OB/GYN, author, women's health expert and Monistat spokeswoman. "Seven-day topical treatments are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's only recommended form of yeast infection treatment in pregnant women, and Monistat relieves symptoms four times faster than the prescription oral pill. If you are pregnant, you should consult your health care professional prior to using any medication."

She added that with so much to worry about during pregnancy, it is not surprising that women are concerned about the choices they have to make about their health.

Caption: Monistat 7 Day.

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Date:May 13, 2019
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