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A rooftop reward.

Byline: Mark Baker The Register-Guard

It's got them covered.

It might only be a bunch of tar paper and shingles and nails, but to Dan and Jody Angier, it's everything right now. It's a new (nonleaking) roof over their heads.

"It's a huge blessing for us," Jody Angier said. "We're going to be able to utilize more of our house. The stress level of having a severe, leaking roof is just phenomenal. This is just a huge, amazing gift for us."

The Angiers' story was deemed the most compelling in a recent radio contest called the "One Wish Campaign." Listeners of local Cumulus Broadcasting stations such as KUGN, KZEL and KNRQ were asked to nominate family members, friends or neighbors in need of a new roof in these tough economic times.

There were about 50 nominations, said Steve Davey, owner of River Roofing in Springfield. Three stories stood out, but it was the Angiers' that packed the biggest emotional wallop.

"These people won because they seem to have the most in-depth story of need for a new roof," Davey said Tuesday, the sound of nail guns firing in the background.

It was bad enough that the roof of the Angiers' 1929 Craftsman-style home on River Road was moss-covered and crumbling, with enough leaks over the years to fill every bucket and pot and pan they could find. But there was also the matter of Jody Angier's poor health, and the toll it had taken on the family of five. Dan Angier's work as a general contractor suffered until he gave it up so he could care for his wife, diagnosed eight years ago with a rare form of vasculitis.

It's called Takayasu arteritis, an inflammatory disease that affects the aorta and its branches. At the age of 41, she recently had double bypass heart surgery. But it doesn't appear to have helped, she said.

"It's been an uphill battle," said Dan Angier, 47. "There's no cure for it, but she's still alive."

And her home is dry.

River Roofing, along with Evergreen Roofing and Allied Building Products of Eugene, tore off the old roof Monday. They expect to have the new roof, valued at $20,000, in place sometime next week, Davey said.

Mike Josh of Allied said he got the idea for the contest from a similar one run on Portland radio stations. He asked Davey and Curt Large of Evergreen if they wanted to participate, as a good deed for the community. CertainTeed Roofing Products and McKenzie Scaffolding are also contributing.

"We were really excited to get involved in the project," Large said. "We kind of look at it as our own stimulus package. We can provide a needed item for the family, and maybe help them get grounded."

And 9-year-old Rachelle Angier, who had saved $100 of her own "birthday money" over several years to help pay for a new roof, will now get to put that money toward something else. She'll also get her own bedroom out of the deal.

Rachelle has been sharing an upstairs bedroom with her 5-year-old brother, James. But now a second bedroom down the hallway, where the roof leaked worse than anywhere else, has got new insulation and waterproofed window sealing.

"She is very excited about that," said Dan Angier, a 1980 graduate of South Eugene High School who bought the home 12 years ago as a fixer-upper. He and Jody married 10 years ago, she joining Dan and his now-17-year-old son, Leland, a senior at Springfield High School who splits time between the Angier home and his mother's place.

"It was even hard for me to imagine, as the years went by, that you can't get to it and start solving it," Dan Angier said of the roof he knew needed replacing when he bought the home. "We've been through so much with her disease and all that. It was a matter of life and death and struggle.

"It seems like the size of it is just too big for one guy to deal with," he said. "It's one of those things that's best dealt with with a little help. A lot of help."

Someone at their church, First Church of the Nazarene in Eugene, nominated the family for the contest, he said. "Unfortunately, we had the worst roof in Lane County," he said with a laugh.

Lucky them.

"I tried to save up last summer," he said. "I had $150. But that won't get you very far on a roof this size."
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Title Annotation:City/Region; One family's challenges help them win a $20,000 roof
Publication:The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Date:Mar 4, 2009
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