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A reverberating condemnation.

The fallout from a July 31 Vatican document, in which the Roman Catholic Church strongly denounced gay marriage and adoption by gays, continues to spread. In Canada--where many top politicians are Catholic, including Prime Minister Jean Chretien--Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary said that Chretien might burn in hell for his support of gay marriage. And in Illinois, Catholic Charities USA, the state's largest foster-care provider, said it would reexamine its child placement policies to ensure they weren't contradicting the Vatican's newly strengthened position against gay parenting.

But opposition to the document has also been strong. Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry, a U.S. senator from Massachusetts, joined other Catholic politicians in criticizing the Vatican. "I think that it's important not to have the church instructing politicians," he said.
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Title Annotation:Catholicism
Author:Hays, Matthew
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
Date:Sep 16, 2003
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