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A rather baamy detective story!; BOOKS.

Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami (The Harvill Press, pounds 6.99)

AN advertising executive is sent on a bizarre mission by someone employed by a far-right political figure - he must find a sheep with a star on its back which he has used a picture of in one of his campaigns.

Little in Haruki Murakami's novel is simple and it's hard to work out whether it's a screwball detective novel/comedy or all a metaphor for something a lot deeper.

However, it's enough to absorb the atmosphere; the suffocating bleakness of a divorced life in Tokyo, the desperation of trying to survive in a dying timber town and the beauty and harshness of a remote farming island community.

The writing's so good it's easy to lose interest in whether the main character ever finds the sheep or not.
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Chamberlain, Julie
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Jul 22, 2000
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