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A question of health... Lynsey Baxter.

Busy making pulses race, Lynsey, 31, plays journalist Beth Saunders, the

sultry femme fatale who seduces Dr Paige - played by Nigel Havers - in

Dangerfield. She's also set to star in the Channel 4 drama Psychos early

next year. Here Lynsey tells Sally Morgan what makes her body tick...

How do you keep fit?

For the last eight months I've been using a personal trainer, Lee Bartlett, for two hour sessions, four times a week. Lee's a brilliant guy, a real body magician, who has helped me completely change my body shape. Before I was sluggish and untoned whereas now I have tons of energy and my body's limbered up. It had never occurred to me to have a personal trainer before, but after seeing the effect he had on people I knew, I decided to book him. Physically I'd been through a long period of inactivity, but thanks to Lee I'm very toned and streamlined. He incorporates whatever interests me, such as rollerblading, into my training programme. I also do boxing in the gym and can now run like I did when I was 16. I'm not exactly a Baywatch Babe, but I feel and look fitter and healthier. I've always been fairly active - when I was 18 I learned the trapeze and have always been into dance. I go to tango and salsa classes, which I adore because they're all about passion and control, at a club in London. But no, I don't dress up in the frou-frou costumes.

What's your favourite part of your body?

My hands and feet. My feet are quite small and pretty, and have a lot of character. I particularly like feet because I trained in reflexology while I was filming Dangerfield. In my spare time I'd work reflexology on patients in hospitals. I've also trained in metamorphic massage. I've got hands like a trucker's because, despite being petite, they're incredibly strong. I once gave Nigel Havers, who plays Dr Paige, a back massage in between scenes. And he kept his shirt on!

What don't you like about your appearance?

My wonky mouth, which I think looks lop-sided. I used to loathe my wobbly bottom, too, but since I've been working out at the gym it's become much firmer and tighter. My legs were a bit lardy until I started my regime with Lee. Now my legs are so toned I can wear skirts that are four inches shorter than they were before.

Do you have any vices?

Yes, an appetite for milk chocolate. I still love it and won't deny myself an occasional binge, but since I've been exercising I don't feel the same insatiable craving. I'm also a Champagne freak, my fridge is full of it.

How important is sex to you?

It's an important pleasure in life that I enjoy most - provided that it's with someone special. I have to be involved emotionally with a man to make love.

Would you take a sex drug such as Viagra?

No, I'd rather lie on a beach in somewhere like St Lucia instead. Sunshine, relaxation and sensual food are natural and, I believe, more likely to boost your libido. What would also really turn me on, on that beach, is a head-to-foot massage. And if I was being massaged by someone I was in love with, I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off him.

Do you have sexual fantasies?

Yes, but not about male pin-ups, actors or complete strangers. I need to get to know a man before I have those kinds of feelings for him. The type I usually fall for is someone who is comfortable and relaxed within himself.

Do you take vitamin pills?

I take synergie, a powder that consists of several different minerals, to balance me internally. At breakfast time I drink my vitamin C quota from freshly squeezed oranges. I also make a drink from bananas, oranges and synergie powder which I pulverise in a liquidiser. It's absolutely delicious and extremely good for you.

Do you have any scars?

I have two small scars on both my legs. The first happened when I was 16 and learning to ride a horse. I tried to jump a fence and the horse crashed into it, injuring my left leg. I'd already scarred my other leg because of a somersault that went wrong when I was 15. I was in a playground and smashed into a window. As a young girl I was always having accidents because of my habit of trying silly, dangerous stunts.

Have you ever been to hospital?

Only to have my tonsils and wisdom teeth removed, but not at the same time.

Would you have cosmetic surgery?

I would be reluctant to in case I regretted it later. But if my face, for example, started to later wrinkle in such a way that it no longer expressed how I felt - if I looked grumpy and sour, when my personality is quite different - I'd consider having cosmetic surgery then. My laughter lines wouldn't, in my view, be a valid enough reason for stretches and uplifts, though.

Have you ever been on a diet?

When I was playing Victoria, the lead in Chancer, I went on the Hay Diet where you don't mix carbohydrate with protein. We were filming in freezing cold conditions so comfort food like mashed potatoes made me feel warm and cosy.

Are you afraid of getting older?

Not really, although actresses do have a tougher time over their age. I'm 31, yet people always tend to think I'm younger. A few weeks ago I tried to buy some wine and was asked if I was old enough, which in a way was flattering.
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