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A question of firepower.

I had to comment on the "Outdoor Happening" featured in the February 2011 issue. The appalling story of a 6-year-old shooting a wild hog with a .22 magnum was every anti-hunter's dream. It is the responsibility of every ethical hunter to ensure a humane kill and to instill respect for the animal that is hunted. Both children involved were woefully under-gunned.

Outraged readers can spare me their many tales of killing big game with a .22. You can kill just about anything with a .22, but the real issue is what's the minimum-caliber bullet to do so regularly and humanely.

I am a hunter and fully support killing as many hogs as you can, given the damage they do. That damage doesn't absolve a hunter of ensuring a humane kill. If your kid is too young to manage an appropriate big-game caliber, let him sit in the blind with you and observe or start him or her on small game.

Jay Levine


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Title Annotation:LETTERS & EMAILS
Author:Levine, Jay
Publication:Florida Sportsman
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:May 1, 2011
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