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A quarter century of classics (1978-2004); capturing the theory, practice, and spirit of social work with groups.


A quarter century of classics (1978-2004); capturing the theory, practice, and spirit of social work with groups.

Ed. by Andrew Malekoff and Roselle Kurland.

Haworth Pr.


266 pages




Group therapies have moved into the core of practice, and these 17 articles of the more than 600 published in Social Work with Groups explain their utility as well as their popularity. Serving as an orientation to group therapies, these articles cover dispelling myths, planning, work based on ethical values, reviewing and updating programs, conceptualizing the open-ended group, considering the group tradition within practice, building mutual support, groupwork v. casework in a group, issues of race and gender, working with a writing group, using time effectively, social change goals, ongoing activity groups, spontaneous groups for adolescents in distress, using metaphors and discerning the real source of healing.

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Date:Aug 1, 2006
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