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A quagmire of death.

Summary: The quagmire of violence in Syria intensifies by the day.

The quagmire of violence in Syria intensifies by the day.

No longer is it just a revolution or civil war. Now it is an exercise ground for all kinds of strategies, weapons, misinformation, demographic designs, sectarian cleansing, adjustment of borders and creation of new axes.

All this is happening under a dictator who acts with audacity, pretending he is in control as chaos reigns around him.

The latest Israeli strike near Damascus is an example of this. In fact, it is just one of a series of raids that have targeted Hezbollah and the regime since 2013. Each time Damascus has come out with the same, tired statement -- condemnation and the threat of retaliation!

Yet everyone can see past this veneer. The Syrian government has been making false threats such as these from long before the conflict there began.

Thursday's strike, if reports are to be believed, follows the usual pattern of targeting Iranian-supplied arms to hamstring Hezbollah's ability to attack Israel from Syria and Lebanon.

And while the regime may have responded by flying a cursory drone into the Golan, the weakness of the regime and Russian verbal replies told all you need to know about how much care or control the allies have regarding sovereignty.

Both President Bashar Assad and the Kremlin spoke in generalities about the raid, offering hollow words as explanation for their inability to keep Syria's enemy out.

Meanwhile, their planes add to the chaos, bombing two Idlib hospitals, killing at least 10 including two babies.

Atrocities like this are the root of the Syrian quagmire, and until they end Israel will always strike with impunity.

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Publication:The Daily Star (Beirut, Lebanon)
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Date:Apr 28, 2017
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