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A puzzlement.

I am pretty disturbed that you would want to give so much space to someone like Ruth Wisse, whose politics are the direct opposite of your founding editor Leonard "Leibel" Fein's ("Ruth Wisse: Education of a Jewish Conservative," September/October 2015). In fact, Wisse is totally out of touch with most Harvard students and, in fact, most students on campuses across this land.

As someone who is also at Harvard, I would agree with her that political correctness is rampant here and on many other campuses. And yes, there are students and faculty here at Harvard who are critical of Israel, but they are actually critical of Benjamin Netanyahu's policies and not questioning whether such a state should exist at all. Even Israelis debate what kind of state Israel has become, whether it can be both a Jewish and a democratic state at the same time, as well as what "Zionism" means in a "post-Zionist" world.

At Harvard there are many conservative professors and a good number of conservative students. There is not "one party," as Wisse puts it. Her views are disliked at Harvard and rightfully so--Wisse supports the most reactionary policies, policies supported by the Koch brothers' equivalent in our community, the Sheldon Adelsons and their ilk.

I have always wondered how a Montreal-raised Yiddish secularist could become one of the most renowned Jewish conservatives in the United States. In fact, she is probably the only right-wing Jewish conservative who is also a Yiddish secularist. It's a puzzlement.

Jack Nusan Porter

The Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies

Harvard University

Cambridge, MA

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Title Annotation:RUTH WISSE
Author:Porter, Jack Nusan
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Nov 1, 2015
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