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A prayer for Mary.

(from The Mary Poems Cycle) Avital Talmor

Do not go too near Mary tramp of squalor vending her dank odours like some alley cat.

Do not go too near that whore of want and sin. Do not go too near.

She's anointed by the spittle of freaks drooling holy shit, crooks roost where her flesh gives way, the devil pimps for her wares.

She don't mind the lice or fleas relishing fools' solace trickling down her thighs, and lives on bread and water, 'Don't want nothing', she says.

We want you Mary we want you we need you Mary we need you

to say apropos of he plays we have seen and the books we have read, 'One of those burnt-out saints, Mon Dieu! God's true whore".

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Author:Talmor, Avital
Publication:Women and Language
Date:Sep 22, 1998
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