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A portable approach. (Nonfoods News).

Duracell is introducing Duracell LPI, the first alkaline prismatic battery designed specifically for portable digital audio devices. With a flat profile, LPI meets the size requirements of thinner, smaller audio devices, while providing device manufacturers and consumers with an "always ready," premium-quality power solution that requires no chargers or recharging.

Company officials say that emerging digital audio devices, including MP3 players and portable CD and MiniDisc players, continue to decrease in size while increasing in functionality. Measuring only 6.1 millimeters thick, Duracell LP1 provides device manufacturers with a slim alkaline battery with long-lasting, dependable performance.

The LPl battery is designed to complement the current line of Duracell and Duracell Ultra batteries and will be available later this year in North America, Europe and Asia. "Duracell LP1 provides device manufacturers and consumers with the premium quality and long-lasting performance historically associated with the Duracell brand in a new, thin form factor," says Mark Bertolami, vice president of business development and strategy for Duracell, a division of Boston-based Gillette. "As digital audio technology continues to progress, Duracell will innovate with new portable power solutions."
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Author:Mendelson, Seth
Publication:Grocery Headquarters
Date:Apr 1, 2003
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