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A poor reception for skydiver but Alan has lots of love for drop-in.

Byline: CHRIS KNIGHT Reporter

ALAN Stainsby was enjoying the Wimbledon men's singles final at home when he heard a "sickening thud".

The 71-year-old feared there had been a car crash and stepped outside to help - only to find a parachutist dangling from his television aerial.

Emergency services were scrambled to the scene of the bizarre accident on Church View in Shotton Colliery, County Durham, on Sunday afternoon.

A 51-year-old man from North Yorkshire suffered a broken arm and leg following the skydive that went wrong. He was left suspended in the air after his canopy became tangled on the gable end of the property.

He was taken by air ambulance for treatment at James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough where he remains in a stable and non life-threatening condition.

Alan was sat in his living room and was enjoying the first set of the tennis when he was startled by the impact.

He said: "All I heard was a very sickening thud. I thought it was a car crash so I just came out.

"On inspection of the house, I found a parachutist hanging from my roof.

"I was really shocked and I dialled 999. He was 20ft or so up in the air so we could not get up to him."

All I very " "Fearing the worst" for the parachutist, Alan kept talking to the stranded man to try to prevent him falling unconscious.

thud. I was a He added: "I was trying to talk to him to keep him calm really. I was just asking how are you feeling, and saying not to worry as help is on the way.

"I was fearing the worst, there was a lot of blood. All of our neighbours were very helpful.

"Emergency services were very quick to respond, they were very efficient."

County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service confirmed two crews from Peterlee were dispatched to the scene at about 2.50pm to "execute a safe rescue".

An air ambulance landed on the field by nearby Shotton Primary School to transport the parachutist to Teesside for treatment.

The 51-year-old was a student skydiver who was embarking on his 15th jump at the nearby Peterlee Parachute Centre.

heard was He leapt from the plane at 15,000ft, and the parachute opened as expected at about 5,000ft.

sickening thought it car crash Alan Stainsby Colin Daley, office manager at the centre, said: "For some reason - we don't know the exact reason as to why - he turned the wrong direction from the parachute centre and towards the houses.

"Our best guess is he put his arm and leg out to protect himself and resulted in his injuries. Thankfully they are not life-threatening.

"We wish him well. Everyone is just grateful his injuries are not too serious."

The British Parachute Association has launched an investigation into the botched landing.

All I heard was very sickening thud. I thought it was a car crashAlan Stainsby


Alan Stainsby from Shotton Colliery was watching Wimbledon when a skydiver landed on his TV aerial Iain Buist

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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 16, 2019
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