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A plentiful Passover.

Secaucus, N.J.-based R.A.B. Food Group, formerly B. Manischewitz Co., has announced an extensive lineup of new products for Passover:


* Manischewitz Whole Grain Matzo Farfel and Matzo Meal comes in a resealable container to preserve freshness. SRP is approximately $2.99.

* Manischewitz Italian Herb Coating Crumbs are kosher and an alternative to matzo meal. They can be used for breading anything from chicken to fish. SRP is approximately $1.79.

* Manischewitz Family Size Matzo Ball Mix is packed in a resealable canister. SRP is $3.99.

* Manischewitz Sparkling Grape Juice is made with 100% grape juice and has no sugar added. It is available in two flavors, Concord and Niagara. SRP is approximately $3.99.

* Cocoa Magic Crunch, Fruity Magic Cereal and Sunny O's are three kosher breakfast items. To adhere to dietary laws, the cereals are made with potato starch instead of matzo meal. SRP is approximately $2.99.

* Mishpacha Kids Apple Juice and Fruit Punch packs are all natural with no added sugar, artificial colors or preservatives. They contain 100% of the daily value of vitamin C. There are 10 units to a sleeve, and the SRP is approximately $4.99.

* Blanchard & Blanchard has introduced two kosher salad dressings, Traditional French and Thousand Island. SRP is approximately $1.99.

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Title Annotation:center store news
Author:Male, Jessie
Publication:Grocery Headquarters
Date:Mar 1, 2007
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