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A pledge to the dead requires no proof.

 The arrival of the angels was something of a joke.
The harp crates were quite a bit smaller than expected.
Gaze at him when he sings. Look at him.
The only windows in a prison are on the outside wall.
Outside, there is something like sky.
You can make homemade earplugs out of toilet paper.
He will come dancing down the aisle with a flute
and we have been told to gaze. We have been told
to dance. We have been told to step up to the microphone
and make a promise. There is a pin. There is a tuning fork.
There are some missing people around here.
Those hand-written letters will only get you so far.
If someone is dying you must go to the bedside.
When you get back, there will be glass in your bed.
When you get back, there will be a bucket of glass
over the door. Glass will cover every tire.
If someone is dying, you must answer.
You must say anything they want to hear.
(It's harder than you think. True things don't come after you
like lightening in a ploughed field.
It's not like you can just see something like that.)
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Author:Hollis, Jennifer L.
Publication:Atlanta Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:Sep 22, 2019
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