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A pizza crust rises in Brooklyn.

Damascus Bakery has rolled out its ready-to-use Brooklyn Bred brand flatbread pizza crusts and breadsticks.

"If you are going to make a pizza crust, make it like a Brooklynite would want it to be made, and that's what we did," says David Mafoud, principal of Damascus Bakery, which maintains operations in Brooklyn, N.Y. and Newark, N.J. "With pizza, it starts with the crust and ends with the crust, and we formulated this to create a bit of authenticity in every household."


The crusts are shipped frozen and are shelf-stable when thawed with a 10-12 day shelf life. Ideally, they are merchandised in the in-store bakery or deli departments, and even produce, say company officials.

Brooklyn Bred pizza crusts are available in two varieties: OO Pizza Flour, a specially milled very fine flour that creates a softer, crispier bite; and Khorasan, an ancient grain, whole grain version. A two-crust, 15-ounce cellophane-wrapped package has a suggested retail price of $4.99 if merchandised in the deli/bakery department, and $3.99-$4.49 in grocery.

"When you buy these crusts you're going to buy some cheese and buy some produce, probably some tapenade or pesto sauce," Mafoud says. "It definitely gives the deli department a chance to sell some of their fancier cheeses, condiments and whatnot because when most people see this crust, whether because of the rectangular shape or the bubbly fermentation look to it, they may look for some plum tomatoes, basil or arugula to top it. We tell people it is 'Our Crust, Your Imagination.' People that have imaginations are having a lot of fun with these crusts and when they bite into it they feel they made a genuine pizza."

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