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A pirate's life for you!


If you want to be a pirate, you will need two things: a hat to tell the world who you are and a map that will lead to your buried treasure. Follow the directions below to make both, and start your adventure as a true pirate!

Make a Pirate Hat

You Will Need:

* Pirate hat template

* Scissors

* 1 piece of black poster board

* Pencil

* White paper

* Crayons or markers

* Glue stick

* Measuring tape



1. Cut out the hat template on page 9. Fold the poster board in half. Lay the fold line of the hat stencil against the folded edge of black paper.


2. Trace the template, cut out the hat shape, and unfold it. This is your pirate hat.


3. Use the white paper, markers, and your imagination to draw something horribly scary that will fill all who see your pirate hat with terror. Glue this frightening image to the middle of your pirate hat.

4. Ask an adult to measure your head. Cut a strip of poster board several inches bigger than your head. Have your adult helper mark on the strip where the strip should join to fit your head.

5. Glue the strip onto the back of your hat. Glue the ends of the strip together where your adult helper has marked your head size:


Make a Buried Treasure Map


You Will Need:

* Two sheets white paper

* Small sponge

* Bowl filled with strong, cold tea

* Bowl of water

* One teaspoon instant coffee granules

* Paper towel

* Markers or crayons


1. Tear off small pieces of paper of varying sizes around the edges of the sheets of paper. Crumple each sheet of paper into a ball, and flatten it out.



2. Dip the sponge into the bowl of tea, and wipe the brown stain all over both sides of each sheet of paper. Let them dry.

3. Dip one dry, tea-stained paper at a time into a bowl of water, and shake off excess water.

4. Sprinkle a few coffee granules onto a small section of the paper. Count to five. Blot the coffee granules with a sponge or paper towel. Repeat on various sections of the paper, and let dry.

5. On your best, most antique-looking paper, use markers or crayons to draw an outline of your island. Mark the spot where the treasure is buried. Draw directions to the treasure and landmarks or hazards that may appear on the island such as a shark-filled bay, a sandy cove, houses, walk forty paces to the north, or mountains.

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