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A pioneering therapy...


A HI-TECH therapy, said to treat anything from the common cold to cancer, is now available in Bahrain.

Bahrain-based Dutch therapists Dr Maya Lok and her son Stephane say they have used bioresonance therapy to successfully treat patients who are suffering from allergies, back pain, eczema, asthma, migraines and many other conditions.

"We have got very good results for people suffering from allergies - using this treatment we found eight of 10 people are cured," Dr Lok told the GDN.

"We first treat the kidney and liver to strengthen them, as they detoxify the body and then we treat the allergy."

"I've also used it to help treat infertility and cancer. I started using it last year when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and now I've got the tumour to zero per cent activity."

"We can stabilise diabetes and it can help with the menopause, menstrual pains and migraines."

Dr Lok, who is also a naturopathist and nutritionist, first became interested in biophysics treatment five years ago, when she used it to rid herself of eczema.

After its success, she trained in bioresonance and starting using it at her practice in Holland.

At the beginning of the year Dr Lok and Mr Lok moved to Bahrain and have set up the Bio Med Energetics - Medicine in Bio Physics practice, in Riffa.

Bioresonance falls into the category of empirical health, which also includes acupuncture, homoeopathy and naturopathy. It is a gentle treatment that has been used for the more than 25 years in human medicine and more than 10 in veterinary medicine, say the practitioners.

Bicom bioresonance therapy works on the idea that every cell and body part, as well as viruses, pollen, toxins and bacteria, has a specific wavelength or frequency.

According to biophysics experts, cells communicate with each other by exchanging information via certain frequencies. Experts claim that normal exchanges between cells can be hindered by interferring substances such as toxins, bacteria and viruses.

If cells can't communicate properly then they won't function properly and this can cause problems in well-being, say experts.

Using biophysics, therapists claim they can detect bacteria, viruses, allergens and other materials that cause the body to feel unwell.

Therapists claim bioresonance treatment works because it gives an appropriate frequency pattern to the patient and this releases and eliminates the bacteria, virus or other material that is harming them.

Dr Lok and Mr Lok give bioresonance therapy to patients using a device known as a Bicom.

The patient is connected via electrodes to the device which detects problematic frequency patterns and then emits appropriate ones.

"There is a frequency for all your organs - if it is healthy it will emit a certain frequency and if it is not, it will be working at another frequency. By giving the patient the correct frequency, the liver, for example, can heal itself," said Dr Lok.

"The machine takes the wrong frequency from the body, turns it 180 degrees and puts it back into the body again."

"It is non-invasive and the only side-effects are you can be a bit tired after the treatment, or might develop a headache because you are detoxifying," he said. "We tell our patients to drink two litres of water after the treatment."

Dr Lok said the treatment could be used to treat Crohn's disease, inflammation of the stomach, colds, fever, flu, pain, hayfever, rhinitis, colitis, anorexia, obesity and to help people give up smoking.

"Obesity can be treated in 20 weeks," said Dr Lok. "We also have a half-hour programme to help reduce pain." "If it is a wheat, milk allergy or intolerance we may see what fungus or bacteria they may have and then treat them with Bicom and help them change their diet."

For more information about Bicom bioresonance therapy or to book an appointment contact Dr Lok on 39592857. Dr Lok and Mr Lok are planning to give free treatment to children's societies or organisations that might benefit. Those interested should contact Dr Lok on 39592857.

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Publication:Gulf Daily News (Manama, Bahrain)
Date:Jan 25, 2009
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