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A peaceful haven for Jill; PICK OF THE BOX.


Ground Force

(BBC1, 8.30pm)

THE Ground Force team are involved in a very special project tonight - to make a remembrance garden for Jill Dando.

Their brief is simple - no statues, no memorials, just plenty of fragrant flowers and space to walk, sit and remember the murdered television presenter.

The garden will be created in Jill's home town of Weston-super-Mare where her fiance Alan Farthing and her brother Nigel are on hand to help.

They want to complete the garden in time to surprise Jill's dad Jack, who still lives in the town.

Jill's close friend, Sir Cliff Richard, is also in town and he talks about the first time he met Jill.

This could be a mawkish, love-in for telly people who have lost one of their own. To the credit of the Ground Force team, it is not.



(Channel 4, 9.00pm)

THE Thanksgiving episodes of Friends are always among the series' highlights - who can forget Joey with a turkey on his head, or the game of touch football for the Geller Cup? Tonight's episode doesn't reach those dizzy heights of comedy, but still tickles the funny bone.

Ross (David Schwimmer) gets so involved in a party game which requires him to name all 50 US states in six minutes that he misses dinner at Monica's.

They haven't had much time to notice his absence, however, thanks to Phoebe and Rachel turning up with dates.

Rachel has brought her toyboy assistant Tag, who is heartbroken over the break-up of his relationship.

Phoebe's companion is a little different - he's got four legs. The miniature pooch she's brought along terrifies a pathetic Chandler.

In Will & Grace, which follows at 9.30pm, Grace (Debra Messing) is shocked when Jack tells her Will had a fling with a client.


Match Of The Day - Live

(BBC2, 7.30pm)

GARY LINEKER introduces coverage of the UEFA Super Cup match between Liverpool and Bayern Munich.

Gerard Houllier's Reds claimed a unique cup treble last season of England's two domestic cup competitions and the UEFA Cup.

The German giants Bayern also grabbed a treble of league, German Cup and Champions Cup. The Super Cup match is billed as UEFA's curtain-raiser to the season's European competitions and it's a friendly, so don't expect too much excitement.

However, with Robbie Fowler having kissed and made up with the Liverpool management team, the striker will be keen to show them what they've been missing.

The match kicks off at 7.45pm in Monaco's Stade Louis II stadium and ex-Liverpool men Alan Hansen and Mark Lawrenson will offer half-time bitchiness - sorry, analysis.


Late Night With Jerry Springer (Channel 5, 11.15pm)

HERE'S a chance to find out exactly what Victoria Beckham said about Sir Alex Ferguson and ex-Spice Girl mate, Geri Halliwell.

Posh turns up on Gerry's sofa for a late-night chat and spills the beans on those tempestuous working relationships.

She's plugging her latest solo single, desperate to hit the No.1 spot with Not Such An Innocent Girl, mainly because she's the only Spicer not to have had a solo chart-topper.

Thankfully Victoria won't warble live in the studio, we'll just have to endure the video for the song.

Jerry's other guests are Lisa Stansfield, also back in the charts and on tour, and Jacey Salles, who plays the feisty Spanish nanny in Cold Feet.




(UK Gold, 9.40pm)

THE big day has dawned for Gary and Dorothy, but last-minute doubts are plaguing both bride and groom. And who can blame them?

Tony (Neil Morrissey) is determined everything will go to plan and he's got a spring in his step when Deborah agrees to sleep with him - after Gary and Dorothy are married.

With Martin Clunes, Caroline Quentin and Leslie Ash.



(Sky One, 7.00pm)

BART and Lisa try to reunite Krusty the clown with his father after the clown is disowned in the first episode of tonight's animated double bill.

In the second episode, at 7.30pm, Moe believes he is the ugliest man alive, so he decides to have plastic surgery.



(Discovery, 10.00pm)

THE documentary series on Las Vegas meets one of the top executive hosts in the city, whose job it is to bring the high rollers.

We also meet the owner of a wedding chapel who is struggling in the face of competition from other get-wed-quick establishements and a preacher who is a reformed gambler.

The second programme, at 10.30pm, follows Ira and his wife who have made the Orleans casino their second home. How sad can you get?



(Bravo, 9.00pm)

HOST Craig Charles introduces us to some of the world's most bizarre people and tells us of strange facts and feats.

It's amazing just how desperate people get for their five minutes of fame.

We meet a man who puts his arms in crocodiles' mouths for a living and a woman who paints liquid latex over her body instead of wearing clothes. Doesn't everybody?

There's also the bizarre story of a man so intent on building an Eiffel Tower model out of teeth that he pulled out his own to finish it. Not for the squeamish.
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Title Annotation:Pick of the Box
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 24, 2001
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