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A pavilion? No, it's their new family room just off the kitchen.

Barrel-vaulted dormers and a hip roof give this 22-foot-square family room addition the look and feel of an independent pavilion. Owners Rosanne and Alvin Levitt wanted a room that seemed detached for relaxing, playing games, and informal entertaining, so they asked San Francisco architect Toby Levy to enlarge and brighten their 1949 developer house in San Mateo, California.

In reality the room isn't separate at all. Opening directly off the kitchen, it sits at the back of the house in the crook of the L between the kitchen and the bedroom wing. The ceiling rises to 14 feet at a central peak.

On three sides of the roof, large, copper-topped dormer windows arch outward, bringing light indoors; the fourth side sports a round bubble skylight.

In each dormer, the window is secured to a plywood arch that supports 2-by-6s extending from the roof. The underside of the curved vault is made of sections of bent birch plywood, taped and painted a creamy beige to match the gypsum-board ceiling.

The room's east wall contains a fireplace, built-in cabinets for stereo and television storage, and a desk behind double doors.
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Date:May 1, 1985
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