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A pastry based on your blood type.

Some Asian consumers believe that your blood type can influence your personality. Capitalising on this belief, Monteur Blood Type Pastry is a line of single-serving pastries that are not only differentiated by flavour, but also by the blood type they are recommended for. New in Japan, this product is the innovation of the week from Datamonitor Consumer's Product Launch Analytics.

In the West, the question: 'What's your type?' is likely to be answered by the astrological sign that matches your date of birth. In Asia, the response is more likely to include your actual blood type.

This stems from the belief that a person's blood type is connected to their personality and compatibility with others. Leveraging this belief is a new four-flavour pastry line under the Monteur brand name in Japan that targets consumers by their specific blood type.

A: Gata Tiramisu no Eclair ('Type A--Tiramisu Eclair')

B: Gata Chocolat Orange no Choux Cream ('Type B--Choux Pastry Pieces Separately Filled with Chocolate and Orange Cream')

O: Gata Hokkaido Cheese no Choux Cream ('Type O--Choux Pastry with Cream Made from Cheese from Hokkaido')

AB: Gata Chocolat & Milk no Waffle (Type AB--Waffles Separately Filled with Chocolate Cream and Milk Cream') are all offered in this line.

Tom Vierhile, Innovation Insights Director for Datamonitor Consumer, said: "There may be little or no scientific basis for creating foods that are compatible with a person's blood type, but the concept may resonate as there is some belief that blood types themselves may have been influenced by one's evolutionary background and exposure to certain food types." He added: "The increasing popularity of weight loss diets geared around specific blood types may also bolster this concept with consumers."

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