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A parting thought.

One of the reasons we've produced this series of Benchmark Surveys has been to identify performance metrics--for example, revenue per employee, tech support call volumes, and inventory turnover ratios--that have practical applications for software company managers. In looking over this current report, however, we're struck by the fact that our data contains relatively few performance guidelines. We've uncovered a few statistics about beta testing and development schedules, perhaps, but even these numbers aren't necessarily appropriate as performance standards.

Did we miss the real product management benchmarks? That's possible (and weld be happy to hear suggestions for future surveys in this area). But we suspect that much of what we call product management skills are simply impossible to measure against industry ratios and similar yardsticks. There's clearly a difference between great product managers and the amateurs, but the difference seems to derive more from judgment, experience, and other intangibles. Ultimately, the only real measure of product management performance may be the success of the products themselves.
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Title Annotation:the lack of performance guidelines in the survey benchmarks
Author:Tarter, Jeffrey
Date:Feb 18, 1991
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