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A parting shot at Welsh Assembly; LETTERS.

I AM a Welsh born Welshman and after a full and rewarding career spent mainly overseas I looked forward with tremendous excitement to a busy retirement in Wales.

I retired to west Wales in the knowledge that my monetary capital and my PS40,000 pa income would be good for the Welsh economy.

At the time of the final vote for the setting up of an Assembly I voted in favour, I then spent the next 18 years watching the equivalent of a group of parish councillors failing miserably to administer a country crying our for proper, dynamic leadership.

What we got was a pack of third rate politicians obsessed with party politics and paying off the party faithful, giving passed sell by date councillors large cash sums to retire, abolishing hospital car park charges, abolishing prescription charges for those elements (myself included) who could well afford to pay, wasting money on unwanted and unnecessary road furniture (a plethora of signs), failing to get to grips with the slackest ambulance service in the UK and overseeing the collapse of what had once been a good standard educational system.

According to Cardiff private eye consultants, I have lost the sight of an eye due to the incompetence of the health service specialists.

Thankfully I escaped the clutches of the West Wales Oncology system and instead received unquestionably good treatment at the Cardiff Velindre hospital, a beacon of excellence in an otherwise dreary picture of the Welsh health service.

Health service staff are both good and bad.

The bad are very bad and far too many of the nurses are obese, more so than in English hospitals.

Not much of an advertisement for good practice.

Wales would be better off if the governing of it was in the hands of the John Lewis Partnership or indeed Marks and Spencer board of directors.

So, First Minister it is with great regret that I inform you that I have left Wales.

It is not a nationalistic issue. Politicians apart, England has a better standard of attainment at all levels in its public servants and this shows in the enjoyment of a better life style.

Furthermore, the English strive for prosperity which cascades downwards to benefit all rather that the Welsh way of cutting up the cake and rewarding the poorest before they have actually made the cake.

Can you get a grip and change the moribund Welsh system? The buck stops with you.

Name and address withheld
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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Apr 25, 2014
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