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A pair of a shoots.

"There's nothing to do," Jimmy moaned, as only an eight-year-old faced with such a tragedy can, "I'm bored!" He dragged himself to the kitchen table and sat down.

His sister Karen looked up from her cookies and milk. "Mom, Jimmy's boring," she said.

"I'm not boring," her big brother protested. "I'm bored. There's nothing to do." "You could have a cookie," Karen said.

"I don't want something to eat," Jimmy said, reaching for a cookie anyway. "I want something to do."

Mom turned from the counter, where she was chopping carrots for soup. "There's always homework," she offered.

"Aww, Mom," Jimmy complained, pouring himself a glass of milk, "I did my homework on the bus. All we had to do was look over the words for our spelling test tomorrow, and I know them already. They all end in the letters A-T-I-O-N. Listen. Celebration, C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-I-O-N. Demonstration, D-E-M-O-N-S-T-R-A-T-I-O-N. Fascination, F-A-S-C ..."

Mom raised her hands in mock surrender. "OK, OK. I believe you. Why don't you play a game with your sister?"

"Mom!" Jimmy cried.

Karen frowned. "I could play."

"Well, then," Mom said, "where's your friend Marty? I thought you two were joined at the hip."

Karen's eyes grew wide. "Jimmy and Marty?"

"I just mean they spend a lot of time together, Honey," Mom reassured her. "It's only an expression. Jimmy's hips are fine."

"Marty has his trumpet lesson every Thursday, Mom. He spends every Wednesday afternoon practicing. And today's Wednesday."

"All right," Mom laughed. "Then I guess you'll just have to use another one of those A-T-I-O-N words."


"Your imagination!" Mom said. "If there's nothing to do, make something up. Pretend."

Jimmy thought for a moment. "I suppose I could pretend to be a pirate or a skydiver or something," he said.

"What's a skydiver?" Karen asked.

"Someone who jumps out of airplanes with a parachute," Jimmy answered.

"A pair of shoots?"

"No," Jimmy laughed, "a parachute. It's like this big silk umbrella that helps you float in the air. But I don't have one."

"Then make one." Mom pointed to the junk drawer in the kitchen counter. "Look in that drawer over there. There's paper, glue, scissors, and - well - junk. All you need to add is a little imagination."

Jimmy began rummaging through the drawer. "Look at all this stuff. You could make anything. TWo of anything!"

"I don't understand," Karen said. "Why does Jimmy need to make a pair of shoots. Mom? Isn't one enough for floating?"

Jimmy laughed. "I need to make a pair. Short Stuff, because I'm going to make one parachute for you and one for me!"

"Really?" Karen asked.

Jimmy nodded. "All it takes is a little imagination."

Make your own skydiver and a "pair of shoots" with these simple things!

What You Need:

* a piece of smooth, thin cardboard (the kind that comes with new shirts)

* a pencil and crayons or colored pencils

* scissors

* tube of plastic cement

* one 3/4" clasp paper clip

* fishing line or thick black thread

* a hole puncher

* gummed reinforced hole guards

* a basket-type 8-12-cup paper coffee filter

What You Do:

1. Trace the bigger skydiver onto your thin cardboard. Cut it out. Draw in and color the helmet, goggles, and jumpsuit. (See Figure 1.)

2. Use plastic cement to glue the clasp paper clip onto the "belt" of your skydiver. (See Figure 2.) Let the glue dry COMPLETELY!

3. With the hole puncher, punch out six holes evenly spaced around the outer edge of the coffee filter. Strengthen these holes with gummed hole reinforcers.

4. Cut six 12" pieces of fishing line or thread. Tie one end of each piece to each of the reinforced holes on the filter. Tie the other end to the clasp paper clip that you glued to your skydiver. (See Figure 2 again.)

5. Gently toss your skydiver into the air, and watch it float down! illustrated by Pamela Harden

Caption: Figure 1

Caption: Figure 2
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