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A note on the Ernst Haeckel Recapitulation Theory.

Ernst Haeckel, the most famous German Darwinist of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, believed that Darwinism was the central component of a new worldview, (the culture of death), which was locked in combat with the traditional dual spiritual-material Judeo-Christian worldview (the culture of life).

Haeckel believed that infanticide for the congenitally disabled would benefit both the victim and society. Like many modern abortionists, Haeckel rejected the theory that states that human life begins at conception, and erroneously claimed that embryological development (ontogeny) recapitulated evolutionary ancestry (phylogeny); that each individual person, as it develops from conception to adulthood passes through the evolutionary stages of its ancestors, (the recapitulation theory). Haeckel claimed that each newborn child was still in an evolutionary stage equivalent to his animal ancestors and did not possess a soul; no consciousness, no reason but was dumb and only gradually developed the activity of the senses and the mind. For Haeckel killing a newborn baby was no different from killing animals.

Research in human embryology shows that Haeckel's theory of recapitulation is incorrect. Each person has a unique beginning at conception, which occurs at the moment the twenty-three chromosomes carried by the spermatozoa encounter the twenty-three chromosomes carried by the ovum. An entirely new DNA map, which describes the complete information set, which is necessary and sufficient to define a new unique human being, is contained by the microscopic human embryo. Any attempt to disrupt the unfolding of this new universe, at any stage of the process, is murder.

Michael Farrell, PhD

Professor of Finance at Universite du Quebec

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Author:Farrell, Michael
Publication:Catholic Insight
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Date:Dec 1, 2013
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