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A note from the editors.

Loyal readers of the Michigan Academician will have noticed a delay in production of the journal coinciding with a series of transitions of the Michigan Academy to a new host institution, new personnel, and a new editing organization. With this multi-issue volume we resume the publication of research articles. This volume is numbered sequentially with the previously issued volumes of Michigan Academician, but with a current publication date. While this numbering scheme leaves a time gap in the run of the journal, it avoids the bibliographic confusion that results when articles are published in one year but backdated to a prior year. Subscribers during a year that falls within the time gap will be considered to have subscribed to receive a particular volume rather than a particular year.

We intend to fill the backlog of issues for our subscribers by averaging more than four issues a year. This plan provides an opportunity for the Michigan Academician to publish special issues on topics of interest to the various sections of the Michigan Academy. If you are considering organizing a theme issue, Festschrift, or symposium volume, we encourage you to contact us.

Our journal has long been a logical choice for publishing research topics germane to the Great Lakes region, a convenient venue for authors with ties to Michigan, and a premier, internationally renowned outlet for some sections of the Michigan Academy. We relish this long tradition and anticipate that the journal will continue to serve these needs admirably. Withal, in our view the journal is also ideally suited to fill a new, increasingly necessary and intellectually exciting role. As the publishing outlet of a society that spans the spectrum of letters, arts, and social and natural sciences, the Michigan Academician is uniquely situated to showcase high quality interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary scholarship before a broad academic audience. As collaborations increasingly transcend disciplinary boundaries, we see the Michigan Academician playing a vital part by publishing research that surpasses the scope of disciplinary journals. We hope you agree.


Hope College



Grand Valley State University
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Author:Bodenbender, Brian; Wilson, Roger
Publication:Michigan Academician
Date:Mar 22, 2007
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