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A new year, a new look!

I have participated in a handful of magazine redesigns--some startling overhauls and some mere fine tunes--during my 20 years with Wood & Wood Products. None, however, has given me more cause for excitement than the new look we are introducing with this issue.

I am confident that readers and advertisers alike will agree that this month's issue represents a bold departure from anything we have previously published. The improvements are obvious and many, from the new Wood & Wood Products logo gracing the cover to the fresh type fonts and graphic treatments permeating each and every department and feature contained in the magazine.

Undoubtedly, the biggest attention grabber for some is W&WP's conversion to a plus-one format. Adding approximately 1 inch to the width of the publication improves the overall flow of the articles by eliminating design-crimping island ads. The new, clutter-free format also allows us to run larger photos and graphics.

On the 2005 Menu

We intend to fully leverage the benefits of our redesign in pursuing our commitment to remain the North American woodworking industry's Leading source of news, trends and technological innovation. Following is a preview highlighting some of the editorial features we plan to present this year.

February: A special section commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Assn. Plus, State of the Moulding and Millwork Industry, the first of six bimonthly reports on key wood products sectors.

March: Exclusive report on new woodworking plants and expansions in North America. Plus, release of the 42nd annual Red Book Buyer's Specification Guide.

April: State of the Cabinet Industry.

May: The AWFS Vegas Tech Tour provides a first look at technology that will be introduced at the AWFS Vegas Fair, July 27-30.

June: AWFS Vegas Fair Preview is a comprehensive guide for readers planning to attend North America's premier event of the year. Plus, State of the Residential Furniture Industry.

July: High Technology Report highlights leading developments in computerized equipment.

August: Sixteenth annual WOOD 100 Report; representatives of WOOD 100 companies will be feted at the AWFS Vegas Fair. Plus, State of the Architectural Woodwork Industry.

September: Profiles in Automation examines the manufacturing prowess of industry movers and shakers.

October: Third annual Jerry Metz Award winner is unveiled and profiled. Plus, State of the Store Fixture Industry.

November: America's Best recognizes one of the WOOD 100 companies for being a peak performer.

December: State of the Office Furniture Industry. Plus, 24th annual Cabinet and Case Goods Product Review.

As always, I welcome your comments and criticisms:
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Author:Christianson, Rich
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Date:Jan 1, 2005
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