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A new way to publicize.

The Toronto sections, CIC and CSChE, decided to hold a joint annual general meeting this year. Traditionally, in order to publicize the event, a flyer is sent out and ignored by 90% of the people who receive it. This year, the two sections decided that they would try to do something innovative and hope that the general membership would appreciate the effort and turn out at the meeting.

It was decided that a colorful flyer might attract some of the members interest long enough to at least read the flyer. After much discussion, the executive decided upon a periodic table. As this is an item generally useful for both chemists and chemical engineers, it was hoped that the table might be useful enough that the members might decide to keep it for a while.

A company which produces one version of the periodic table (which they have copyrighted!!) was contacted. Unfortunately, the charge (budget priced at $3.50 each) was too steep for the membership. It was decided that it would be easier to make our own periodic table with our own choices. Rather than use the convention that numbers the columns 1 to 18, it was agreed that this system did not convey the subtle interrelations of the periodic table. Since this was our own periodic table, it was decided that the numbering would follow the American custom and that the newer elements could be named as we felt was correct. This meant that the table presented to our membership would be a uniquely Toronto table.

The method used to make this periodic table was reasonably simple using Lows 123 version 3.1 in the WYSIWYG mode. Each element consisted of four rows and three columns. WYSIWYG allowed selections of font sizes, frames around the individual boxes and the color needed to provide a striking and attractive table. The draft was printed using a Canon Laser Color Copier 300 and the final copy using the Hewlett Packard Deskjet 500C described over the last few issues. Both provided an equally attractive table. The table is still in a preliminary form at this stage as the executive are still discussing what information should and should not be included on the table.

Hopefully, the exercise will result in some interest in the annual general meeting, For those who might be interested, the 1992 joint annual general meeting of the Toronto sections of the CIC and CSChE is scheduled for November 20. The invited guest speakers are Drs. A. El-Shaarawi and S. Esterby on The Importance of Being Environ Metricists. Details will be available closer to that date by calling the CIC Toronto Hotline at 416-237-9050.

H. K. Miyamoto is with Gore & Storrie Ltd., Toronto, and is CIC councillor for Toronto and director responsible for Publications.
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Title Annotation:new version of the periodic table from Toronto
Author:Miyamoto, H.K.
Publication:Canadian Chemical News
Date:Sep 1, 1992
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