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A new spin on an old favourite: Silk soy milk offers take-home convenience in a child-friendly package.

The United States' best-selling chocolate 'milk' is getting a makeover. White Wave's Silk[R] brand chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavoured soy milks are shedding their old packaging for new Tetra Brik[R] packages thai come conveniently multi-packed in MeadWestvaco Packaging Systems' 2x4 Cluster-Pak[TM]

The carton is formed from a paperboard substrate able to withstand the humidity and condensation associated with products that go from refrigerator to the shelf and back again. The wet strength of MeadWestvaco's Coated Natural Kraft (CNK)[R] paperboard keeps the package from losing its integrity during the various stages of the product's life. The Silk Cluster-Pak carton began running on MeadWestvaco's Evo Tech[R] packaging machine last year and is Packaging Systems' first systems venture with Dean Foods, parent company of White Wave. The Evo Tech packaging machine, placed at a co-packer in Savannah, Georgia, runs this application at up to 40 packs per minute.

MeadWestvaco's new Silk multi-pack carton is targeted at children and parents and features animal graphics and conveniently placed finger holes for easy carrying. The multi-pack also has an easy-open feature that makes easy storage of the product in the refrigerator or pantry. The package, which is the first of its kind since film replaced paperboard for brik multi-packs in the early 90s, can be found in grocery stores throughout the U.S.
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Title Annotation:White Wave Inc. gets new packagings from MeadWestvaco Packaging Systems L.P.
Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Feb 1, 2005
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