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A new site, a new service.

This new initiative will offer rapid and easy access to a selection of the best marketing information, reducing the need to waste time "surfing the net". The site is being designed as an attractive and easy-to-use source of news and information and a guide to further sources of potential interest. We also see it as a forum within which users can "interconnect" with one another, so developing a network of contacts; there will be a discussion group for each of the journals supporting the Marketing and Logistics Forum. So, if you have a question or comment to make about a journal, an article or a marketing topic, or indeed anything in the area of marketing, this forum should be your first port of call.

So what exactly can you expect to find? Well, there are basically two aspects to the site. The current awareness section will include articles by guest columnists focusing on past and current trends, items of news, information on current and forthcoming "live" and online conferences, calls for papers, and other diary dates. There will also be a monthly "cyber selection" of articles illustrating some of the best recent features in the field. Finally, this section will include a selection of classified advertisements and an electronic version of this newsflyer.

Meanwhile the resource side of the Marketing and Logistics Forum will provide an invaluable selection of links, leading you on to other sources of information forming the core body of knowledge in the field. Here you will find: links to MCB's Emerald database - a full text online resource representing its 98 online journals; links to the Anbar database which covers all areas of management with a comprehensive abstract collection drawn from the 400 leading English-language management journals; a direct link to IMC's courseware (see page 2, Cool sites); and access to our Internet Free-Press service. You will also be able to access the home pages of all supporting journals.

To ensure that this new marketing forum will be a source of excellent and up-to-date information, we shall be updating the contents monthly. So, from January 1998, for all your research and current awareness needs, and of course your networking, visit us on

You can view this site now, as it takes shape, and we would welcome your comments and suggestions. For information, or to offer your comments, e-mail We look forward to hearing from you.

From the archives

Still on the theme of relationship marketing, we bring you the three article abstracts drawn from our CD-ROM archive. Regularly updated, this collection offers you a comprehensive set of full text articles and their abstracts going back to 1989

The theoretical and philosophical underpinnings of relationship marketing - environmental factors behind the changing marketing paradigm

Discusses the theoretical and philosophical underpinnings of relationship marketing (RM) to show that RM is but one, albeit perhaps a major, manifestation of the ongoing paradigm shift in business and marketing. Argues that this shift is a logical end result of two phenomena: the perennial quest to get closer to the customer and the ever widening scope of business and marketing towards a holistic view of the processes. Explains that the external and internal forces that led to the paradigm shift in business and marketing were manifested early in service marketing for natural reasons.

Subscriber access: European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 30 No. 2, 1996

Volume 30 Number2, 1996 of European Journal of Marketing offers a Nordic perspective on relationship marketing. The abstract below is taken from the same issue.

The value concept and relationship marketing

Says that the value concept is a basic constituent of relationship marketing and that the ability to provide superior value to customers is a prerequisite when trying to establish and maintain long-term customer relationships. Stresses the fact that the underlying construct of customer satisfaction is more than a perception of the quality received. Emphasizes that the customer's need of quality improvements and his willingness to pay for them must be taken into account and suggests that a reduction in customer-perceived costs can be recommended as a method of providing value to the customer because, properly effected, this can improve internal cost efficiency as well.

Subscriber access: European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 30 No. 2, 1996

Developing key account management competences

Argues that key account management (KAM) in industrial and business-to-business markets has its roots in sales management where it has long been recognized that customers of strategic importance require special treatment. Explains that, more recently, growing interest among academics and practitioners in relationship marketing has forced KAM centre stage as one of the few seemingly tried and tested approaches to customer retention and development, but that this trend has exposed three interrelated problems for the adoption of KAM systems. Describes and addresses these problems.

Subscriber access: Journal of Marketing Practice: Applied Marketing Science, Vol. 2 No. 2, 1996

Internet URL: or load your Emerald CD-ROM

Select: Marketing suite

Guests: Access the above Internet address and complete you details for guest access or contact for a free CD-ROM trial

What's new?

MCB is pleased to announce the launch, in January 1998, of Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal. Of interest to academics and practitioners, this new international journal will explore many contemporary issues and new developments in marketing. Areas proposed for coverage include

* surveys and methods of survey research

* commissioning and selling qualitative research

* research design

* data handling and

* interpretation.

Issues covered by the journal will be treated from cross-national and cross-cultural perspectives.

Management Bibliographies & Reviews, an Anbar Library product, is going online in January 1998. View http:/ for details.

Management Express aids managers and management researchers to keep up to date. By logging on to

you can scan summaries of the most significant published articles from over 400 of the world's top journals. These are regularly updated to bring you current awareness, and full articles can be supplied on request.

Conferences & news


Creating Value for Tomorrow's Customer Today (hosted by Management Centre Europe) 13-14 October, 1997 Brussels, Belgium Contact: Management Centre Europe Tel: +322.543.2100 Fax: +322.543.2400 E-mail:

Internet World Philippines '97 1-3 October, 1997 Manila, Philippines Contact: Learned Information/Meckler Media Tel: +632.633.9029 Fax: +632.631.5721 URL:


Primary children are worth billions according to the ABC Global Kids Study. Spending power in the UK alone was put at $2.3 billion, rising to $11.3 bn. in the USA. Children in Germany are richest, receiving an average of $569 a year each.

Does establishing links to other companies' websites infringe copyright and trademarks? The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and several other US publishers have joined together in a test case claiming just that.

The international Advertising Association (IAA) UK Chapter has won the bid to host the watershed World Advertising Congress in June 2000.
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