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A new service which saves time and money.

The Cover Lab is both a product and an exclusive service provided by Thimon and dedicated to stretchable hooding. The test rig allows each customer to determine the best combination of machine and film. Thanks to the tests, it is possible to vary the characteristics of the film (by modifying the formula in order to obtain the desired result) and to configure the coiling machine so that it operates in the most efficient manner.

Guaranteed safety and profitability for the customer. The Cover Lab embodies all the technological expertise of Thimon, the result of many years of collaboration with film manufacturers. Thimon is now offering this service on an industrial scale to any user of the overwrapping process who intends to purchase the films at the most competitive price and the best quality.

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Title Annotation:PACKAGING
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Aug 1, 2005
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