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A new look. (heads up).

Welcome to a brighter, cleaner, clearer InsideMS. We've refreshed our design to make InsideMS easier for you to use--and to underscore our identity. This is the magazine of the National MS Society--your magazine.

We accept advertising from companies that provide important goods and services for people with MS. We welcome their patronage because the income pays for print and postage, freeing up money for research and programs. But we want readers to know that this magazine's content is ours--and yours--only. That is why every advertising page is labeled "ADVERTISEMENT".

Some of our regular features have been renamed. This page used to be called "In This Issue", for example. But our purpose is unchanged.

We intend to provide a wide variety of articles to help people living with MS make the most of their resources. We want to reflect many aspects of the MS experience. We pledge to deliver accurate news and facts. And we hope to serve as a forum for your opinions. We are always open to submissions for "Let Me Tell You", which reflects personal experiences with MS.

Now, to enhance an exchange of opinions, we plan to offer a new column called "Back Talk". Are you aware of a public policy issue that you feel should be discussed? Do you see a social-attitude problem that affects many people with MS? Would you like to talk back to the rule-makers who affect your life? We invite you to send us focused opinion essays of 600-700 words.

We also invite you to contact your Society chapter, where the Government Relations Committee organizes local, state, and federal advocacy on policy issues. Telephone 1-800-FIGHTMS (1-800-344-4867), press or say Option #1, and find out if your GRC is working on your issue.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is proud to be a source of information on multiple sclerosis. Our texts are based on professional advice, published experience, and expert opinion, but do not represent individual therapeutic recommendation or prescription. For specific information and advice, consult a qualified physician.
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Author:King, Martha
Publication:Inside MS
Date:Oct 1, 2002
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