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A new look at new realism; the psychology and philosophy of E.B. Holt.


A new look at new realism; the psychology and philosophy of E.B. Holt.

Ed. by Eric P. Charles.

Transaction Publishers


272 pages




This collection of essays about, and a couple letters by, Edwin Bissell Holt examines a unique contributor to early American psychology and offers a defense for a renewed interested in his ideas and the issues of psychology he engaged. The collection opens with a preface offering readers background in the philosophical and scientific upheavals that laid the ground for the new sort of investigations Holt would pursue. The two-fold question of introspection and the practico-scientific reality of mental phenomena permeate Holt's work and comes up in these essays. Two letters, to William James in 1905 and Edward Reed in 1979, bracket his life and the collection. Organized into three sections, the essays consider specific responses informed or made by Holt to the problem of illusion, Holt's legacy, and Holt's New Realism against representationalism. The editor, Eric Charles (psychology, Pensylvannia State U.) offers an introduction to Holt's biography and broad influences/interests. The contributors are academic and experimental psychologists from around the world.

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