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A new horned dinosaur.

A new horned dinosaur

Last century, paleontologists described the first Americandinosaurs from fossil teeth found in Montana's Judith River Formation. Now, this 75-million-year-old formation has yielded another important dinosaur discovery.

Peter Dodson at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphiareports in the Dec. 28 PROCEEDINGS OF THE ACADEMY OF NATURAL SCIENCES OF PHILADELPHIA on a new kind of ceratopsid, or horned dinosaur -- the first new North American ceratopsid to be named in 35 years.

According to Dodson, te plant-eating Avaceratops lammersiwas about the size of a boar, weighing about 400 pounds and measuring 7.5 feet long and 3 feet high -- dimensions that are relatively small for a dinosaur. Unlike other, much larger ceratopsids of the time, Avaceratops had a frill -- a bone that projected back from the skull -- that was solid and fan-shaped. The frills of other ceratopsids were pierced by two large openings and curved toward the front of the skull along the midline.

The Avaceratops remains from Judith River include two-thirdsof the skull, all of the lumbs, half of the foot bones and a quarter of the vertebrae and ribs.
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Title Annotation:Avaceratops lammersi
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Date:Jan 17, 1987
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