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A new garden laid out around an old walnut tree.

A new garden laid out around an old walunt tree

Changes of levels, angles, and textures give this once-flat Sacramento garden a new, serene character. The remodel also provides expanded space for entertaining.

Before, owner Peg McKoane's outside seating was limited to an under-the-eave patio. San Francisco interior designer Larry Fernandez added a series of broad, low decks beginning at house level and stepping down to the old patio. He also designed a 16-foot-long walkway that extends to an elevated entertaining deck sitting at a 45| angle to the house.

A dry stream bed next to the island deck follows the same angle. At the rear, soil dug from the trench forms an ivy-covered berm. The lawn was replaced with lowmaintenance and shade-tolerant plants: mondo grass, black bamboo, azaleas, and camellias.

Photo: Transformed garden features an island deck (at left), a multilevel deck next to house, a rocklined stream bed accented with boulders, a stone lantern by the walnut tree, and a gravel path behind berm. At right, the same walnut grows in original yard with a struggling lawn

Photo: Entertaining deck has L-shaped trellis made of hefty 6-by-6 posts joined by pairs of 2-by-12 beams. Posts are detailed at the top for architectural interest
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Date:May 1, 1986
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