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A new chapter for libraries.

Just as offices have evolved to include video conferencing rooms, and schools have transitioned from blackboards to whiteboards to smartboards, libraries have progressed from stacks and tables to multi-purpose spaces. "Libraries are changing to accommodate the needs of their patrons," says Ardra Paige Zinkon of Tec Studio, who will discuss how the lighting of one library in Cleveland addressed this challenge in her seminar entitled, "Form Follows Function: How Changing Library Practices Are Echoed in Design Choices" (Wednesday, April 24, 10:30 a.m.-12 noon).

How versatile is the new generation of libraries? "They can be community centers with meeting rooms; they offer children's activity centers and teen programs; they offer Internet access to those without; they are computing centers; they are there for all ages," says Zinkon. "When you consider how many of us are reading on mobile devices and tablets rather than hardcover books, you can start to imagine the transformation they are undergoing."

More than design inspiration--or luminaire and lamp innovation--the story of the new library is mostly one of controls. "As a designer, I have found that the use of flexible lighting control systems is a great way to manage this need for potential future growth and change," Zinkon explains. "We've implemented DALI controls on several projects now that allow us an increased flexibility over space types, without the need for rewiring. The case study used in this session is a great example of how new lighting technology can be successfully implemented as an extension of the client's greater goals."

The controls techniques used in Cleveland include daylight harvesting, ballast tuning, vacancy sensors, personal control, automated shading, time clocks and load shedding. Real usage data will also be presented. "We'll delve into the details, but also provide a high level view of the entire process," says Zinkon.

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Author:Tarricone, Paul
Publication:LD+A Magazine
Date:Mar 1, 2013
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