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A new Kentucky home?

A New Kentucky Home?

TELCOR, an entertainment consortium that includes Magic Springs and Dogpatch in Arkansas, has put its name in the hat to resuscitate a Kentucky theme park that failed after only one year of operation.

The facility is on land leased by the Kentucky State Fair board in Louisville and is called Kentucky Kingdom. TELCOR is one of three concerns making a pitch for the spot, according to Louisville sources. Proposals were made in April, but no word on when the board will give the nod.

TELCOR -- The Entertainment and Leisure Corp. -- was created by investor Melvyn Bell out of the two theme park operations and a third in Coloma, Mich. Bell also owns a company that operates Indian bingo games in California, and our source says bingo operations are big business with churches in the state.

No synergy here, we're told, since bingo operates on state land only during the annual fair.
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Title Annotation:The Entertainment and Leisure Corp. to revive Kentucky Kingdom
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Aug 1, 1988
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