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A new Dillard's buy?

A New Dillard's Buy?

We whispered recently that Dillard's was shopping around for their next acquisition, but the company was mum.

This week another source says that while buyers in at least one department of Dillard's were originally buying down by about five percent for Fall |91, they have now been instructed to increase their plans by 25 percent. Why? We wonder.

The new plan would seem high, even considering the company's most recent same-store sales announcement, which came in November and claimed a 13 percent increase for the last nine months.

One Dillard's source hinted that an acquisition was most likely at the end of the store's first quarter, which means the end of April.

Rich's or Weinstock's - a division of the Broadway Stores owned by Carter Hawley Hale, who just filed Chapter 11 - are who we keep hearing about.

An article in the Los Angeles Times this week said CHH was reluctant to sell off any assets but might, and while Dillards had seemed interested before, it didn't anymore. The store declined to comment, says the article.

Well, we know that's just standard procedure.
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Title Annotation:speculations on Dillard Department Stores Inc.'s plans for a new acquisition
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Feb 18, 1991
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