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A national tasting.

It's not often that California wine writers get a chance to taste wines from U.S. regions beyond the West Coast, so the line-up at the Wine Appreciation Guild's annual "Wine Literary Award" press tasting at the end of April was a nice surprise. More than 400 wines were available for sampling (with no winery reps on hand to ask the sometimes-awkward question, "Well, how do you like it?"). The self-serve event was a rare opportunity to taste wines from all over the country, from California to Pennsylvania to North Carolina. I tasted not one, but two very good Viogniers from Virginia, then spent about a half hour stationed in front of the Rieslings, tasting my way through some impressive selections from New York and Michigan. There were some duds, for sure, but overall, the tasting provided a great overview of winemaking developments across the country. I'll definitely be checking it out again next year.

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Title Annotation:Wise & Otherwise
Author:Caputo, Tina
Publication:Wines & Vines
Date:Jun 1, 2006
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