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A nation with the soul of a church; how Christian proclamation has shaped American history.


A nation with the soul of a church; how Christian proclamation has shaped American history.

Edwards, O. C. Jr. and James Dunkly.



366 pages




Edwards (emeritus, Seabury-Western Theological Seminary) and Dunkly (librarian of the School of Theology, U. of the South) summarize and analyze 18 key religious sermons that they argue have helped shape American history, from John Winthrop's "A Modell of Christian Charity," responding to the Puritan's Antinomian Controversy, to the words of Jeremiah Wright, deployed as a political cudgel against Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign. For each sermon, they provide historical context, analyze the political and religious meaning of the sermons themselves, and consider the historical legacy of the sermons and their deliverers. Other figures featured include Anne Hutchinson, Jonathan Mayhew, William Ellery Channing, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Benjamin Morgan Palmer, Henry Ward Beecher, Russell H. Conwell, Washington Gladden, Billy Sunday, William B. Riley, Harry Emerson Fosdick, Charles E. Coughlin, Reinhold Niebuhr, Martin Luther King Jr., William Sloane Coffin Jr., and Billy Graham.

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Date:Oct 1, 2013
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