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A much higher profile for the product.

British Beef becomes the focus of attention for the Meat and Livestock Commission's The Recipe For Love' advertising campaign from November 14 to December 11.

Though high-profile TV advertising is at the core of the activity, The Recipe For Love theme will be carried across a range of promotional activity throughout the period.

Using three different commercials, the campaign begins with the 60-second The Recipe For Love advertisement, followed by the 30-second commercial `Student', which has been screened earlier in the year. During December this will be shown in rotation with a new commercial, `Steak Sandwich'.

The MLC's Julian Bryan commented: "The advertisements will be shown on all ITV regions around the country as well as on GMTV, Channel 4 and satellite stations. We expect some 86% of housewives with children to have six opportunities to see `The Recipe For Love' British Beef advertising during this campaign."

The recipe-based TV advertisements will refer viewers to Teletext pages which will give full recipe information. Viewers will also be able to telephone the MLC's consumer hotline for free copies of The Recipe For Love recipe booklet.

TV advertising is being supported by consumer public relations activity which has included the production and distribution of 200,000 copies of `A Question Of Survival', a beef mince oriented guide to college life aimed at university freshers. Written by cult broadcaster Victor Lewis Smith, the booklet includes 90 [pounds] worth of coupons for students, including money off mince at Tesco.

"As well as direct consumer activity," said Bryan, "we have tried to ensure that both independent and multiple retailers have an appropriate range of promotional options to make the most of the campaign."

Point of sale material, for example, has been produced for all independent butchers, including posters showing the three recipe dishes from the commercials -- Beef With Mustard and Roasted Vegetables, Beef and Spinach Curry, and the Steak Sandwich -- as well as recipe leaflet pads, price display materials and tray highlighter cards designed to give a colourful illustration of recipe ideas when placed at the back of the relevant tray in the display cabinet.

In addition, 4,500 promotional kits have been produced, each offering the opportunity for customers to enter a competition for a holiday for two in Sri Lanka. The promotional kits include 48 packs containing a Crosse & Blackwall Beef Madras Curry Mix, Tilda easy Cook Rice, a recipe card and a competition entry form.

Further tailormade promotional activity has been arranged for the period with members of the Shop With Assurance and Shop With Confidence schemes and the Scottish Federation of Meat Traders' Associations.

"For the multiples, as well as third party promotions, we are running a national activity in five majors entitled `The Recipe For Reward'," said Julian Bryan. "The promotion will be communicated via a label on pack, primarily on stewing and braising cuts, giving details of the beef curry recipe from the `Student' commercial.

"Some recipes will have the word `British' missing from British braising steak in the list if ingredients, and consumers will be offered cash rewards of up to 1,000 [pounds] for finding these. Over 1.2 million packs of British Beef will carry this promotion between mid-November and mid-December."

In addition, some 500,000 extra packs in two leading multiples will feature third party `bearnaise' or `au poivre' sauce offers. "In all, he concluded, "British Beef's `The Recipe For Love' promotional campaign adds up to a 2 million [pounds] marketing investment in the sector. Retailers should be prepared to reap the benefits that will result from increased demand.

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THE Recipe For Love advertising campaign has been a hit with consumers, according to initial research findings. A mixture of qualitative and quantitative research suggests that the advertisements are "very well liked" by nine out of 10 viewers, with very few dislikes showing up. Spontaneous recall from viewers focuses on the commercials' humorous action, `love' theme and use of music. Beef-specific advertising fares well too, with the `Student' commercial proving popular for its humour, interest and good communication of the campaign's theme.

"Indeed, the `meat equals love' message is very clearly recognised in all the commercials," commented MLC trade marketing manager Brian Kilkenny. "The choice of music is seen by viewers as important, and the overall campaign theme is regarded as sustainable.

"Such positive results vindicate the trade's support for the campaign so far and demonstrate the importance of co-ordinating trade marketing activity to maximum effect during the species-specific advertising periods," he concluded.
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Date:Nov 5, 1994
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